08 - 14 Sept 2012

Iyengar based yoga seminar


Saturday 8/9 
                           Arrival on the island of Gavdos
17.30                   Acquaintance Meeting and presentation of the Iyengar method
19.00-20.00          Yoga Practice
20.30                   Dinner

Sunday 9/9 to Thursday 13/9
07.30-09.30         Yoga Practice
09.30-10.30         Breakfast
10.30-11.30         Discussion
11.30-18.00         Free Time
18.00-19.00         Yoga Practice
19.30-20.30         Dinner
21.30-22.15         Evening Review 

Παρασκευή 14/9
07.30-09.30         Yoga Practice
10.00-11.00         Breakfast
11.00                   Free Time - Departure

Lessons are structured to include a variety of poses from Introductory I & II programs of the Iyengar Yoga System curriculum and are suitable for beginners as well as yoga practitioners of other schools.

Indicative morning class schedule:

Saturday: Basic standing asanas, basic alignment and extension in the asana 
Sunday: Basic sitting and supine asanas, use of props
Monday: Forward bends, basic rules of directionality of an extension
Tuesday: Balancing asanas, understanding stability and steadiness in the asana
Wednesday: Inversions, psychological factors that hinder perfection 
Thursday: Backbends, use of props, precision in their execution
Friday: Synthesis of the above for an overall smooth personal practice

Indicative afternoon class schedule:

Relaxation and breathing techniques, basic rules of detachment,
intro to self-observation skills, incorporation of the 8 limbs of yoga in
personal practice.


Participation Cost

420 euros - shared room (3 beds) with bathroom
(price includes 6 nights at Sorolop, two meals per day
(breakfast - dinner) at Sorolop and participation in
Iyengar Yoga seminar)

300 euros - for those who choose free camping
(price includes two meals per day (breakfast - dinner)
at Sorolop and participation in Iyengar Yoga seminar)

does NOT include

Transportation costs and travelling insurance


Deposit (50%) for reservation, and payment (50%)
upon arrival 08-09

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